It's Radiothon Week!
We think independent radio's worth supporting, and now that it’s Radiothon week, you can support too, if you like. Here's all the details.
NAIDOC week is an opportunity to reflect and make plans. Through the lens of each year's theme, we take a fresh view of our actions and impact, and imagine a legacy we want to leave, and not one we leave by accident.
Do You Think It’s Hard to Get Great Coffee at Home?
Let's start by saying that there is no "right" way to drink or make coffee. Whatever tastes good to you is what you should do. If that means that you have an elaborate ritual where you brew coffee on a coffee syphon, then that's great. If that means you are scooping instant coffee granules every morning because that's what you enjoy, then you should keep doing that. Yet, if you're brewing coffee at home in any way, knowing it's not as good as it could be, but you're afraid making it better is going to be too hard, then we've got something for you.
Are Our New Coffee Bags Compostable?

Recently a lovely person got in touch with us wanting to know more about our new coffee bags and, just in case you would like to know too, we decided to unpack our packaging right here for your convenience.


Power to the Consumer
There's an idea going around the coffee world at the moment: empowerment for producers. This concept is meant to highlight the fact that producers are often disenfranchised in the coffee supply chain. The idea of empowering producers is undeniable and it's something we think about deeply, and often, at Timely. But it's also not the whole story.
Today is IDAHOBIT 2021, so we're giving away free Timely pronoun badges with every order. Keep on reading to find out what IDAHOBIT means, and how you can get involved.
Brand New Website
You might have noticed already, but there have been a few changes to the Timely Coffees website. After giving our overall online presence some deep considerations, we decided a few things needed updating. We've revised everything from the design to the layout, and this makeover has given us a new level of focus. So what can you expect from the new