Timely At Home

What's the best coffee to have with milk?

At Timely, we believe the best coffee to have without milk is whichever blend your taste buds choose! Most of our coffees are best served with or without milk. We did however, originally source our Timely Three house coffee to work best without milk.

Are Timely Pods compatible with Nespresso machines?

Yes! All the Timely coffee pods are compatible with Nespresso Original Machines.

Can I get Timely in larger bags?

Yes you can! Timely offers 250g and 1kg bag sizes.

Can I get my coffee ground?

Yes! Simply nominate the type of grind you would like in the drop down menu when you’ve chosen your coffee beans.


Is Timely Coffees carbon neutral?

The short answer: Yes! Timely Coffees is carbon neutral!

The long answer: being certified carbon neutral is not as simple as it sounds. At Timely, our carbon emissions are calculated and offset with Carbon Positive Australia. We offset all emissions generated at our roasting facilities and with our delivery vehicles. However, we do not calculate any upstream emissions. This means that we don't calculate or offset any emissions generated in the farming, processing, or transporting the raw materials we purchase. There is a long way to go for Timely to realise all our dreams of creating a comprehensively offset coffee supply chain, but we are sure that we are on the right path and making progress.

Is Timely Coffees packaging compostable?

No. Our coffee pods are all certified compostable, but all other packaging at Timely is recyclable only.

Is Timely Coffees packaging recyclable?

Yes! Our packaging is all 100% recyclable in your standard yellow-top bin, or in soft plastic collection points such as RedCycle.

Roasting Services

What are Timely Coffee's roasting services?

Custom roasting is when Timely works with businesses to create a unique coffee blend that reflects your brand, customers and taste. With help from the roasting team, you taste and select your beans, decide on the style of roasting that represents your brand, then send your logo and company colours through so that our in-house graphic designer can create your custom packaging, including a QR code which links to the current components and/or origin information of your custom roasts. Within two weeks, your coffee will be ready for weekly delivery directly to you. Timely take care of packaging, stock control, and quality control, and you take care of serving your own custom brand of coffee.

Can I hire the roasters at Timely to roast my own coffee?

Yes! Timely have a dedicated roastery for hire. You can access our Joper 15kg roaster and anything else you may need to bring your coffee to life. From green house coffees and pre-batched micro-lots, to unlimited warehouse storage, QC and packing facilities, and shared desk space, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to roast your own coffee.Full training is provided on all equipment at Timely, so even if you have never roasted coffee before, you can still have the same unlimited control over your coffee.Once you're trained and confident, then we leave it to you to book your roasting times using the booking system online. The roaster will be hot and ready to go when you arrive, and we'll handle the clean-down and maintenance when you leave. Just come in and roast, we’ll take care of everything else.

How much do the roasting services cost?

Roastery hire is charged at a flat rate of $5.00 (+GST) per green kilo of coffee roasted. This includes roastery hire, storage of green coffee, and unlimited use of QC facilities and shared desk space.

Custom blending will cost between $20/kg and $35/kg depending on your specific origins.

The best way to find out specific pricing is to send us an email at contact@timelycoffees.com.au and we'll arrange a time to meet you at our roastery and show you what we do!

Can I order my own green coffee beans and have Timely roast them for me?

Yes! If you want to source your own green beans and establish relationships with suppliers but don’t necessarily want to roast it yourself, we can help. We have options for those who want to have full control over every aspect of operating a coffee roastery, without roasting a single batch.

Can I buy green coffee beans from Timely?

Yes! All of Timely Coffees are available green for you to roast yourself, either with us at the Timely roastery, or at your own place.

Check out our wholesale range here: https://timely.orderspace.com/


Does Timely supply coffee on a wholesale basis?

At Timely, we recommend that if you are looking to serve or sell coffee in your business, you investigate our roasting services. You'd be surprised how easy it can be to get your own custom blend, or roast your own coffee!

Otherwise, we absolutely sell all our Timely Originals and Limited Releases on a wholesale basis. Send us an email at contact@timelycoffees.com.au to get started.

Does Timely Coffees provide free samples of wholesale coffee beans?

Yes! If you’re interested in serving Timely Coffees at your venue, we’d love to send you a free sample box. Send us an email at contact@timelycoffees.com.au and we'll get your coffee out to you right away!

How much do Timely Coffees cost on a wholesale basis?

The Timely Originals cost between $30/kg and $35/kg depending on your chosen coffee.

The best way to start finding out more on Timely Coffees is to send us an email at contact@timelycoffees.com.au

How do I order coffee for my venue or business?

Simply go to our Wholesale Order Portal https://timely.orderspace.com/, create an account and place your order.