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The World of Coffee

On Your Schedule

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There's nothing better than trying new things and expanding your horizons, and the coffee you drink is no different. At Timely, we find fresh, delicious coffees with amazing stories and send them directly to you, on your schedule, with free shipping on every instalment.

And don't forget that with every instalment you receive, we'll work with the Eden Reforestation Project to plant another tree on your behalf.

If you're looking for a coffee subscription that helps you to do a little bit of good without even trying, then Timely is for you.

Pausing or Cancelling

Pay As You Go Subscriptions
When you sign up, you'll be invited to set up your online account so you can manage all your subscription details. Here you can cancel, pause, or upgrade your plan at any time.

Pre-Paid Subscriptions
Email us with your details, and we'll process the cancellation and refund any funds outstanding for future instalments.

Choosing a Coffee

If you're ready to sign up but you're not sure what coffee to get, then send us an email, and we'll be happy to help point you in the right direction.

Or, use our Subscription Builder to find the plan that's right for you!

Feature Coffees

Subscribers who have signed up for a "Feature Coffee" subscription will receive a different single-origin coffee from our lineup with each instalment. This is a great way to get access to new and interesting coffees, in the most affordable and convenient way possible!

Feature Coffee Subscriptions

Receive a different coffee every time, and explore the world of coffee without ever leaving home.

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Blend Subscriptions

Sign up to receive your favourite coffee with every instalment.

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Humans of Timely

Here are some of our longest subscribers and why they love Timely.

  • “I've been a subscriber for over 2 years now and still get excited to see Timely arrive each week”

    Jane D - Timely Subscriber

  • “Have loved the service from very early on and it’s always exciting to see which coffee arrives each week, the stories of the growers and origin and to know that I’m dealing with a company that not only shares my values, but actually acts on those values”

    Clint B - Timely Subscriber

  • "Great to see a company not only talking the talk but doing the walk. What is not to like? Great merch and the coffee is excellent!"

    Vaughan B - Timely Subscriber

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