The Timely Colour System

Welcome to the Timely Colour System.

If you're buying Timely Coffee for the first time, you'll notice we've assigned a colour to each of the coffees we roast. If you click on a colour, you'll be taken to see those currently available coffees:

Colour Style
Pink Approachable
Mint Delicate
Purple Sticky
Blue Funky
Teal Round
Maroon Fancy
Yellow Sweet
Light Blue Complex

Sometimes it can be hard to know which coffee to choose when everything looks so good. If you bought a Guatemalan coffee and loved it, should you buy another one from the same country? Or should you stick to process or altitude? At Timely, we've got you covered.

Whenever a new coffee comes through the door, we taste that coffee without knowing where the coffee came from or how it was processed. This gives us a chance to taste without being biased by any specific details. From here, we assign each coffee a colour that we feel best represents the flavour profile.

So if you enjoyed a coffee with a particular colour, you're more likely to enjoy another coffee of that same colour next time. It may not have anything specific in common with the last coffee you had, but sometimes coffee can be like that.