Values in Practice

Here's what we're doing each and every day to live up to our values.

A Tree Planted for Every Bag of Coffee Sold

It's that simple. You buy a bag of coffee, and we donate to have a tree planted on your behalf through the Eden Reforestation Project.

Fairness in the Supply Chain

While we can't travel to every coffee farm we buy coffee from, we are finding new ways to connect with the people who grow the coffees we love. These are the people we rely on, and our success is only possible if their's is also a priority.

We are not Fair Trade certified, and we don't look for coffees that carry this brand. Instead, we are connecting with the producers we work with more and more to guarantee the money they are receiving is fair and equitable.

In the past, we've negotiated prices that are not only 25% above the market rate (otherwise known as the "C-Price"), but we have heard from producers that "this is the most anyone in my family has ever received for coffee". Our goal is to create sustainable change throughout the supply chain, and this is only possible with stronger connections between us and those we rely on so closely.


Our coffee is delivered in fully recyclable packaging (including our delivery boxes and packing tape) or reusable tubs if ordering wholesale. Our roasting facilities are carbon neutral, and we donate a portion of our revenue to environmental initiatives we believe in.

Core Values

We value transparency and accountability in everything we do at Timely, which is why we post our company core values here for everyone to see. These are our guiding principles, and you can rest easy knowing that every decision we make is done so with these core values in mind.


So far, we have donated to the following charities over the years. If you know of any other organisations that we should be aware of, please get in touch and let us know.

A Tree Planted for Every Bag of Coffee Sold



pledged to be planted by our partners


kg of CO₂

removed by our tree pledges annually