Our Approach

We live in a time of extremes. With coffee, this usually means making compromises. Maybe it's specialty coffee that's hard to understand. Or sustainable coffee that's not as tasty as we wish it were. Whatever the trade-off, we're left deciding what we'll compromise on, and in the end, we drink coffee that doesn't make us happy. But what if you didn't have to? What if getting delicious and sustainable coffee was simple and affordable? At Timely Coffees, we believe it can be.


If you're looking to try Timely for the first time, all our coffees are colour coded in line with the Timely Colour System. There's free express shipping on everything so that every order will be delivered as quickly as humanly possible. And every coffee we roast is fully traceable - even our house coffees - so you'll know exactly what you're drinking every time.

If you've tried Timely before and you'd like to order more, you can use the Timely Colour System to find the same style or something new. And if you enjoyed Timely so much that you'd like it on the regular, with a Timely Subscription, you'll receive your first instalment for free.


If you run a business and want to serve or offer Timely Coffees, you can request a Free Wholesale Sample Pack. Or sign up for a wholesale account through our online portal and see our complete price list. And just like ordering coffee for home, there's free delivery and no minimum order for wholesale orders.


Our coffee is delivered in fully compostable packaging (including our delivery boxes and packing tape) or reusable tubs if ordering wholesale. We are certified carbon negative, and we have full traceability on prices being returned to the coffee farmers who grow the coffees we roast.

Timely Coffee Shop

At our roastery in Bayswater, WA, we run the Timely Coffee Shop from 6:30AM to 1:00PM (closed weekends and public holidays). We serve our house coffees alongside our favourite micro-lots, as well as a few select local baked goods (which are all vegan friendly, so no one has to miss out). This is the best way to get immediate access to Timely Coffees.

The Timely Journal

We also post brew tips and guides, updates on what's happening at Timely, and reports from the broader world of coffee in our regular newsletter, The Weekly. All articles are available in the Timely Journal. Still, there are a few features only available to those who sign-up for the newsletter.

Core Values

We value transparency and accountability in everything we do at Timely, which is why we post our company core values here for everyone to see.

Our goal is to give as much as possible to our customers, and provide a product that is delicious, affordable, sustainable, and straightforward. Let us show you how.