Choosing which coffee to use for your brewing device can be difficult at the best of times, and when there are endless choices out there, it can feel like an overwhelming task. Between country of origin, processing style, coffee variety, and other variables, things can get confusing pretty quickly. To help navigate the wonderfully diverse world of coffee, we designed the Timely Colour System. This system organizes our catalogue of coffee by color, assigning a unique characteristic to each coffee that comes through the door to help you choose what you like.

But what about when it comes to brewing devices? As we've spoken about before, there are a million different ways to brew a cup of coffee, and if you've followed us for a while, you know we like to keep things simple. When it comes to the popular and much-loved Aeropress, the sentiment remains the same. The Aeropress is known for its versatility, allowing for a range of different brewing methods, from traditional immersion brewing to inverted brewing.

When choosing a coffee for Aeropress, it's best to keep in mind how you're drinking your coffee — are you adding a splash of milk? Or are you leaving the milk out and drinking it straight?

For folks who like adding milk to their Aeropress brews, we'd recommend starting with Timely One. Timely One represents a flavor profile that is "clean and balanced," meaning, regardless of country of origin, variety, and processing style, the flavor will stay pretty much the same year-round. Timely One is our flagship coffee, and it's the coffee you'll find in our grinders at the coffee shop in Bayswater. It's designed to be enjoyed with milk, but it also tastes great without it.

For people who enjoy drinking their Aeropress brews without milk, we'd recommend starting with Timely Three. This coffee represents a flavor profile that is "bright and complex," and as above, it remains the same year-round. It's quite often floral and sweet, and the nuances of the coffee really shine through.

And for individuals who want something more challenging or exciting, we'd recommend checking out the Limited Releases range. These coffees are seasonal and offer a wide variety of flavor profiles, from sweet and approachable to fancy and funky.

Love Timely xx

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