Roastery Hire

In addition to our main production facility, at Timely we also have a dedicated roastery for hire, where you can access to our Joper 15kg roaster and anything else you may need to bring your coffee to life. From green house coffees and pre-batched micro-lots, to unlimited warehouse storage, QC and packing facilities, and shared desk space, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to roast your own coffee.

Full training is provided on all equipment at Timely, so even if you have never roasted coffee before, you can still have the same unlimited control over your coffee.

Once you're trained and confident, then we leave it to you to book your roasting times using the booking system online. The roaster will be hot and ready to go when you arrive, and we'll handle the clean-down and maintenance when you leave. Just come in and roast, we’ll take care of everything else.


Local coffee shop owner Alex has decided to become a little more involved in the coffee that she serves. Her coffee shop, Liquified Seed, has been growing steadily, and Alex feels as though she can dedicate a day each week to take the roasting of their coffee into their own hands and create their own coffee roastery. After connecting with green suppliers through the Roasting Studio network, and using the set-up in place, Alex orders and roasts her own green samples, selects a Brazilian regional blend for their house coffee, and negotiates their own pricing direct with the supplier (with the Timely staff providing as much guidance as needed every step of the way). Once Alex places an order for green, it then gets delivered to Timely's roastery for hire in Bayswater. Alex receives an invoice from the green coffee supplier, and pays them directly. She also receives an invoice from Timely for roastery hire, which includes free and unlimited access to all the Timely facilities (QC and packaging areas, green coffee storage, and desk space). Each week, Ezra books in a time at Timely, and when she arrives, the roaster is clean, hot, and ready to roast. Alex roasts the batches she needs for the week, and as she packs her retail bags and does a little QC, the staff at the Timely clean down the roaster for the next booking. Fully caffeinated and proud of the coffee she has roasted, Alex leaves, then books the roastery for the following week to do it all again.


Head to the calculator here to find out more.

Roastery hire is charged at a flat rate of $3.50 (+GST) per green kilo of coffee roasted. This includes roastery hire, storage of green coffee, and unlimited use of QC facilities and shared desk space.

Heard enough? Send us a message and let's get started!

With all Timely roasting services, you’ll have access to our team of roasters for advice on all things coffee. They’ll be on hand to help with anything from buying green coffee, to roast profiles, and anything in between. We run Timely with a strict “Open Door” policy, so if you’re ever in need of anything, just ask, and we will help wherever we can.

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