Remote Roastery

Do you want to source your own green and establish relationships with suppliers but don’t necessarily want to roast it yourself? We've created the Remote Roastery option for those who want to have full control over every aspect of operating a coffee roastery, without roasting a single batch. This gives you more time to do the other things that matter, such as marketing, QC, managing stock levels and forecasting. With our help, you’ll give feedback on the roasts and change them to be exactly as you like it. Coffee is roasted as you order it and delivered in plain packaged tubs. With this option you’re ordering coffee by the roast batch - you decide amount of coffee that goes into the roasting machine, and we'll give you everything that comes out of it.


Ezra owns the new local restaurant Beans ’n’ Beans. Her restaurant has a strong focus on farm to table dining and she's decided to take control over the coffee her staff put through the espresso machine. Ezra knows a lot about her customers, but very little about coffee. With the help of Timely's network, Ezra organises samples from green suppliers to taste. Once she's chosen her coffees, Ezra places an order directly with the green supplier. After a few trial roast batches, Ezra decides on the profile that best suits her business and the profile is set. Each week, Ezra places an order for one roast of their coffee with Timely, which is delivered in plain package tubs. Ezra is responsible for ordering green coffee and communicates with Timely staff for any changes to her roast profiles she'd like to request.


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Remote Roastery starts at $6 (+ GST) per green kilo of coffee roasted. This includes roasting, storage of green coffee, weekly (or twice-weekly) delivery of your roasted coffees, and unlimited use of QC facilities and shared desk space.

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With all Timely roasting services, you’ll have access to our team of roasters for advice on all things coffee. They’ll be on hand to help with anything from buying green coffee, to roast profiles, and anything in between. We run Timely with a strict “Open Door” policy, so if you’re ever in need of anything, just ask, and we will help wherever we can.

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