Custom Roast

This is the simplest and easiest way to see your brand come to life. Together, we begin by tasting Timely's shortlisted coffees from trusted suppliers. Then we either choose one or more of these coffees to create a roast that represents your vision. With help from the roasting team, you decide on the style of roasting that represents your brand. Then you'll send your logo and company colours through so that our in-house graphic designer can create your custom packaging, including a QR code which links to the current components and/or origin information of your custom roasts. Then, in two weeks, your coffee will be ready for weekly delivery directly to you. We will take care of packaging, stock control, and quality control, and you take care of serving your own custom brand of coffee.


A local cafe owner, Charlie, has decided that the next step for their business is to represent their own brand of coffee. Their cafe, BeanTown, has been growing steadily, and Charlie would like to see their own coffee in the grinders and retail shelves . Even with no roasting experience, Charlie works with the roasters at Timely to select a rich and balanced Colombian micro-lot to use as their house coffee. After a few trial roast batches , Charlie decides on a profile they like which will work for their existing customers. With the designers on hand, Charlie has labels and bags delivered, and production is underway. Each week, Charlie orders coffee as normal, sees an invoice after each delivery based on their order, and their very own BeanTown coffee arrives in the bags and tubs they requested. After one meeting with Timely, Charlie has a coffee that they can be proud of, knowing they played a part in bringing it to life, and having it roasted just for them.


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Prices include roasting, design fees, packaging (in your own custom branded packaging), and delivery. Final pricing can range from $26/kg to $30/kg depending on the origins you choose.

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With all Timely roasting services, you’ll have access to our team of roasters for advice on all things coffee. They’ll be on hand to help with anything from buying green coffee, to roast profiles, and anything in between. We run Timely with a strict “Open Door” policy, so if you’re ever in need of anything, just ask, and we will help wherever we can.

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