What Makes A Queer-safe Workplace?

What Makes A Queer-safe Workplace?

At Timely, we want to create a workplace where everyone feels accepted and respected. This means that we have a responsibility to ensure that our staff feel safe, respected, and embraced for their diversity. So, how do we do this for LGBTQIA+ folks? What is a queer-safe workspace, and what is happening at Timely to help create one? There will always be more we can do, but here are a few of the things we're doing right now:

Pride and Trans flags are proudly displayed in our roastery and headquarters at Timely. This helps to show our staff and visitors that we're committed to standing behind our values, regardless of how this makes others perceive us.

Communication is one of the defining aspects of a queer-safe workplace. We judge ourselves by how safe our staff and visitors feel to discuss LGBTQIA+ issues with managers and founders.

Zero-Tolerance to discrimination must be clearly defined, and at Timely, we've displayed our zero-tolerance policy proudly in our headquarters. And, we published a PSA on our YouTube channel explaining our position to any and all visitors.

Community Engagement helps to show our staff and customers that we're embracing our values first, and "putting our money where our mouth is" by donating to LGBTQIA+ charities and supporting local LGBTQIA+ events.

Creating a queer-safe workplace isn't something to be taken for granted. A workplace that embraces diversity is important for our staff, for our customers, and for our business, and we want our staff to know that we don't just accept them for who they are, but we embrace them for it. Our staff, with their diversity and authenticity, make Timely a better business, a better coffee roastery, and a better workplace. And we wouldn't change it for the world.

Love Timely xx

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