We're For You

We're For You

At Timely Coffees, we have a clearly defined vision for what we are, who we want to be, and who we aim to serve. Not only this, but we also have a clear roadmap on how we feel we are going to reach this goal. And it all starts with a simple idea: Timely Coffees is not for everyone.

We don't mean this in a self-deprecating way. Instead, this is by design, and it is baked deeply into our brand and culture. We don't want Timely to be for everyone, and Timely will never be for everyone. Instead, Timely is for you.

Timely is for those who want to be sure their coffee truly makes a difference. Who value sustainability, transparency, and ethics, while still wanting a delicious coffee every morning. Timely is for those who need coffee to be all of these things while still being simple, accessible, and affordable. Timely is for those who prefer fully compostable packaging, even though it's not resealable. Those who appreciate that our coffee is traceable and every box has a producer's name on it, even if it means your favourite coffee may not be available all year round. Timely is for those who want to support a company that displays its values proudly for everyone to see.

It's an understatement to say that there is a lot of coffee out there. Something as simple as walking down the coffee aisle at the supermarket can be overwhelming. With so much noise and information, it's often hard to tell the good from the bad. This is especially true when it comes to finding ethical, meaningful coffees. Those coffees produced with sustainability in mind and sourced in a fair way for the producer. Those coffees that genuinely make a difference and challenge existing power dynamics instead of reinforcing them.

At Timely, we're working hard to make it clear to you what we stand for. We know it seems that every company under the sun claims to be ethical, sustainable, and responsible. But when you look a little deeper, it's easy to see those companies who are genuinely living these ideals. At Timely, we believe it's the other things we do that proves what we're about, so you can feel confident the coffee we buy is honestly responsible.

We are a values-driven business, guided by our principles, ethics, and vision. We put these things before all else, at all times. The fact that our core values clearly and wholeheartedly guide us helps us to create a brand that we are proud of and that you can be proud to support. Timely Coffees is not for everyone. Timely Coffees is for you.


Seb Prosser

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