Giorgia: Hi everyone. Giorgia here from Timely with an update for subscribers. You're receiving Coffee from Wilder Lazo this week. This coffee was grown in the San Adolfo area in the Huila Department of Colombia. Wilder Lazo not only is a fantastic coffee producer, but he's also an expert in fermentation. Now, for this specific lot, Wilder had the whole coffee cherries fermenting for 24 hours, and then after that, part of the flesh was removed from the seed, leaving the mucilage layer intact. And then that was fermented for a further 200 hours inside pressurised cans. Now, according to Wilder, differing pressurisation can actually affect how flavour is developed. And for example, he's noticed that if you apply more pressure to a fermentation can then that can yield flavour notes that are akin to spices. So things like ginger and nutmeg, which is really interesting. So we assigned the colour yellow to this coffee. That means that we think that the defining characteristic of this coffee is that it is sweet. So you'll notice notes of iced tea, notes of nectarine and notes of treacle as well. So it's got this very intense sweetness, but it's sort of dialled back by the tannen-y feeling of the iced tea. So it's very nice if you brew it cold. This is a delicious cold brew. But yeah, this is one of our favourites. We've been running it in the coffee shop all week and it's tasting really good. So yeah, that's all I got for you folks. I really hope you enjoy this coffee from Wilder Lazo. I'll see you next week for next coffee. But otherwise, that's all I got. Isn't that cool. This week if you are a. Coffee subscriber.

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