Seb: Hello and welcome to Timely Coffees. My name is Seb. I'm one of the co-founders here and this is a video that's a little bit different to what we normally put out. And this is a video really about a few things that have been happening Timely over the last few weeks in terms of the coffee that we've been roasting and sending out to people and kind of what we expect from the coffees that we are roasting and we're sourcing and then sometimes some of the challenges that we face as a coffee roasting business and kind of how we're kind of approaching them and getting so in particular, what I want to talk about today is what happens when we receive a green coffee. So a coffee that hasn't been roasted yet and it's not quite up to the standards that we expect. So really what happens with coffee in a lot of ways is we'll see a sample of a coffee or maybe get maybe like 100 grams or 50 grams of a coffee and we'll roast it ourselves and we'll taste that coffee and we'll decide whether or not it kind of meets not only the standards that we have at Timely, but also whether or not it fits into a specific category. If it's a good coffee for maybe Timely One, Two or Three, and then we'll make a decision based on price and also on availability, how much of that coffee is available and all these things will kind of go into deciding how we want to proceed. So sometimes and it's rare and this is what's happened to us recently is we'll see a sample, we'll taste it, we'll really like it and place an order and then that coffee will arrive and then the coffee that arrives.

Seb: Once we start roasting it and tasting it in production, it's really not the coffee that we chose originally. And this can happen for a number of reasons, but it is a bit of a problem in the coffee industry because in this instance we were buying thousands and thousands of kilos of coffee, but we had to make a decision based on any 100 grams and then we had to trust that the coffee that we were receiving was going to be, you know, it was going to be exactly the same as what we'd already approved or close enough. And in this instance, we actually got sent a coffee that was really terrible. It was not really consistent to roast. It tasted really bad and it had a lot of kind of impurities in it. So it kind of rocks throughout the green coffee as well. So a lot of these things that kind of happen, sometimes they happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes it's, you know, the importer not being, I guess, attentive enough. And other times it's just because, you know, maybe there's kind of one or two bags out of a big lot that just aren't as good as the other ones because maybe there's a hole in it or something. And sometimes it's it's just not something that anyone can control. It was a significant problem this time because it happened in a large volume of coffee. 

Seb: So pretty much everything that we received was really terrible and it was particularly challenging for us because we had this coffee in the rotation as as Timely one. So this was what we know. It was like our flagship coffee. So if someone comes to us and says, you know, what's the coffee that best represents Timely, we'd say, Well, Timely one, that's a good place to start. And then based on your feedback, we can pretty much direct you on where you should be going if you want to continue to buy from Timely. And so this was really challenging because we were putting out a coffee that we really weren't happy with and we we didn't really know until we got a little bit of the way through it and started tasting it more and more. So we now have an opportunity to do like really thorough quality assessments and we've actually returned over 1000 kilos of this coffee back to the supplier because it just doesn't meet our standards. And more than that, it's actually not representative of what we agreed to and we've been able to replace it with other coffees that are way more delicious. And we're really happy to have been able to address this as soon as we did. So there are a few things, I guess, as a consumer to consider. You know, if you've had a box of Timely one in the last few weeks, that kind of hasn't been as consistent as timely one normally is in the past, then this might be a really good reason why we really encourage you to get in touch with us and send me an email and say that Timely Coffees comes to you if you want to talk more about this or learn more about kind of how coffee sourcing and trading kind of works. 

Seb: But I guess the takeaway is that we're really disappointed that this that this happened and we pride ourselves on putting really great coffee out there and it kind of sucks when we can't. And sometimes it's our fault and sometimes it's not. And the important thing is that we just want to try and make it right. So if it's ever a problem, just always talk to us. We'll always make it better whenever we can. And this is not the last time we'll have this problem in coffee and it's definitely not the first. But we're always doing our best to try and try and get around issues like this whenever they happen. So like I said, if you've got anything you want to share or any feedback or any experience you've had with Timely or share this, make sure you send me an email, give us a call, or come past the coffee shop and talk to our roasters, talk to our staff, and we're always happy to talk about coffee. So that's just a little bit about coffee trading and kind of what we've been experiencing with Timely. And we'll have some more videos coming out very soon, including a Timely Weekly coming out in the next few days. But other than that, that's all we've got and see you next time. 

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