[Video Transcript] The Weekly: Remera Washing Station

Seb: Hello and welcome to The Weekly from Timely Coffees. My name's Seb, I'm one of the co-founders here and this is a video series we use to talk about different coffees we're releasing to subscribers here at time length. So if you're a subscriber, the coffee you're receiving is Remera Washing Station from Rwanda. So this is a really great coffee because this is a part of a bigger company out of Rwanda called BUF Coffee. This was founded by Epiphanie Mukashyaka and it's a company that was actually the first coffee company owned by a woman in Rwanda. And then she actually went on to found the first coffee processing station in Rwanda owned by a woman. And BUF coffee actually owns a couple of different mills throughout Rwanda it's pretty successful. And it's not only successful, but it's famous for really amazing coffee all throughout Rwanda. It seemed to be a really great example of kind of what the country is capable of in terms of coffee production and also the way that they're kind of engaging different consultants in terms of creating different fermentation processes and fermentation design as well. They work with a couple of people like Lucia Solis and and they actually have like a really good focus on how they're actually going to make a more consistent and more specialised product to kind of increase the value that they have on their product. So this is a great coffee and we're really excited to have it this year. And we try and get coffee from coffee at least once a year when Rwanda is in season. If you're a subscriber, this is what you're receiving or if you're not yet a subscriber, you can become one. And this will be a free first instalment and you can sign up and you can get your coffee whole bean, ground any way you need it. And then this will be sent straight out to you this week. And then I'll have another video coming for you next week as well, and I'll see you then.
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