[Video Transcript] The Weekly: Palestina Smallholders

[Video Transcript] The Weekly: Palestina Smallholders

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Seb: Hello, Seb here from Timely. And today I'm talking about the new feature coffee we've got for subscribers. This is Palestina Smallholders from Huila in Colombia. So one of the things you will notice about this coffee is that on the label we actually talk about the altitude. This coffee was grown out and that's not something we normally do at timeline because we try not to draw too much attention to things that producers don't actually have a lot of control over. So a producer really can't change the altitude. Their coffee is grown up, you know, their farm is where it is. So it's not really something that we should be talking about in terms of quality, because we shouldn't be comparing to different coffee producers based on the altitudes of their farm, because that's not really kind of a fair, even playing field. But with this, it's interesting because what we're doing is we're trying to talk about the other things that altitude can do, not just in terms of quality, but in this instance, we're talking about how sometimes coffee grown at higher altitudes can mean there are fewer pests. It's a little bit better for disease resistance as well. So this is something that you notice in a lot of different crops and it's talked about especially in the wine industry as well, that when you grow your crop at a higher altitude, the oxygen level is just changed ever so slightly, which means that sometimes pests find it really hard to live there, and that means that they're less likely to attack your crop. So this is something really interesting about this coffee, but when you get it, you will have a taste and it's actually tasting really, really great as well. And this is your coffee. If you're a subscriber and if you sign up to our subscriptions, this will be the coffee you received this week. That's all I've got. I'll see you next time. If this coffee and it's growing up to 1800 metres and this isn't something that we normally talk about because umm yes it is 1800 great because I don't remember.

Giorgia: Can you say metres above sea level, please?

Seb: Not just metres? Yeah, that's just how big the coffee trees are. It's like Jack and the Beanstalk. Harvested by giants.

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