[Video Transcript] The Weekly: Kercha Station

Seb Prosser: Hello and welcome to The Weekly from Timely Coffees. My name is Seb. I'm one of the co-founders here and this is a video series we use to talk about different coffees we have coming out over the next seven days at Timely and specifically about coffees we have coming out for subscribers. So if you're a subscriber, the timely the coffee you're going to be receiving is Kercha Station from Ethiopia. So this is a really interesting coffee and it feels like I say that every week, but it's always the case because all of our coffee is always interesting. But this is one of our coffees that is from Ethiopia and it's tasting super fresh. So one of the things about Ethiopian coffee is you'll generally find that it doesn't really have that same kind of window of peak freshness. There's a lot of other coffees do. So like I said last week, we just released a Guatemalan coffee and that was a coffee that, you know, like I said, this is the time to be drinking Guatemalan coffees. This is when it's tasting really, really nice. So with Ethiopian coffee, it's not really the same situation because it generally lasts better for longer. So it's okay to be kind of releasing coffees from Ethiopia throughout the year. So with this coffee as well, the way that they were doing processing at the Kercha Station is that we're actually drying the coffee outside with the fruit intact and that would leave it open and have full sun throughout the day.

Seb Prosser: But at night they would kind of cover it. And so they did this to make sure that they didn't have excessive moisture in the air or rainfall or things like that. And the reason for this is because they have a lot of altitude where where coach station is. So in the Florida Inn in Ethiopia, this is generally above 2000 meters above sea level. So it's got really hot days and pretty cool nights as well. And because of this, they have sometimes a lot of frost at night and sometimes they can have extra rainfall. So it's really important that they take care of the coffee, not just when it's open and in full sun and actually drying, but kind of in between those periods to make sure that it's going to keep drying kind of consistently every time they open it up. So this is the coffee you're going to be receiving over the next seven days. If you're a subscriber or if you sign up, this will be a free first installment. You can sign up for ground, whole beans, whatever you need. You can do everything at timelycoffees.com.au. And this is the coffee you're going to be receiving and I'll have a new one for you next week. Thanks very much.

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