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Seb: Hello Seb to hear from timely and today I'm talking about the new feature coffee we're releasing for subscribers this is Jaime Romero from Colombia and we've been trying to think about different things that we want to say about this coffee, especially for this video. But really, the reality is sometimes we buy coffees that really just taste delicious. So this is a coffee that we have from one of our regular importers. And we really love the story behind the coffee. We love the fact that it's 14 different producers and not just Jaime. And we love the fact that we can make sure we have really good traceability. But other than just producing really great coffee, we bought this because it's super, super delicious and we think that you're going to really enjoy it as well. So this is a different colour. This is a teal coloured coffee, which you might not have seen a little while. We've had a lot of yellow kind of coffees because of the seasons in in the coffee producing world at the moment. But really the biggest takeaway from this is that it's just super delicious and you're really, really going to enjoy it. It's great, especially as filter, but no matter how you're doing it, it's going to be really, really good. So if you're a subscriber, this is what you're receiving. If you subscribe this week, this will be your first instalment. We do ground whole beans, anything you need. But this is the coffee we have at the week. At this week it timely. So if you sign up, this is yours. Thanks very much. And that's actually been growing coffee bean growing coffee something that we've something it's coffee sure is something. But yum. Beow b-b-beow. Holy moly, Batman.

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