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Seb: Hello and welcome to The Weekly from Timely Coffees. My name is Seb, I'm one of the co-founders here and this is a video series we use to talk about different copies we have coming out at timely and specifically what you're going to be receiving over the next seven days if you're a subscriber. So the coffee we're going to be sending out is Vasquez, the San Francisco from the Dalton family and Guatemala. So like I said last week, this will be the second coffee that you'll be receiving from the Dalton family. And this is a coffee that comes from a family that's been growing coffee in Guatemala for over 150 years. And that's really interesting for a couple of reasons. Not only is it good because it means that there's a lot of history and there's a lot of legacy, and over 150 years, you'd hope that people get pretty good at what they're doing. But at the same time, it means that they've been operating and trading coffee in a way that is really sustainable for them. And it means that they've they've found a model that really works to keep their estates going in terms of making sure that they continually, continuously have enough resources to plant new crops, you know, keep hiring pickers and build really great and really strong connections with exporters and roasters all around the world. So this coffee is actually from the original farm of the Dalton family, the first farmer they had. But since then it's actually been divided into four separate farms. And so this is something that's fairly common in a lot of coffee producing countries.

Seb: Sometimes it will happen in terms of maybe the the farm is going to be inherited by various or multiple children. And so as a way to make everything equitable, they'll divide the farm into multiple lots to give each person an equal amount. But there's lots of different reasons why farms can be split. But this coffee itself comes from that original farm. But it's a smaller lot now, and it's called A Bus Goes to San Francisco. It's tasting really great. And like I said, it's a good opportunity for us, like I said last week, to work with a new importer exporter and coffee board and really build on this relationship and kind of see where it goes because we're always looking at really interesting ways to make sure that all the information that we have is really reputable and really honest and gives us a really good connection to Origin. So this is the coffee you're going to be receiving this week. If you're not yet a subscriber and you want to become one, you can sign up. And this will be a free first installment and you can ask for a whole beans or pre ground, absolutely anything you need. And we'll get it out to you every seven days, 14 days, exactly what you want. The whole thing is totally customizable and you can pause it or cancel it yourself any time. So this is kind of what you're receiving this week. And the next week we'll have a brand new coffee coming out as well. So I'll see you then.

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