[Video Transcript] The Weekly: Atsabe Subdistrict

Seb Prosser: Hello and welcome to the Weekly from Timely Coffees. My name is Seb. I'm one of the co-founders here. And this is a video series we use to talk about different coffees we have coming out of timely and specifically about what we're releasing for subscribers over the next seven days. So if you're a subscriber with timely, the coffee you're receiving is at Atsabe Subdistrict from Timor-Leste. So this coffee is something that you might recognize if you've been a subscriber or been shopping the timely for a little while now. In the past, we've called this coffee at Atsabe Mill. This season, based on different information we're receiving, we're deciding to call it a sub subdistrict. And this is a really interesting coffee because it's great to be able to buy the same coffee now three years running. This means that the kind of access that we have to really great coffee and the amount that we're paying for coffees with our important export partners is turning out to be really beneficial for producers. And if it wasn't, then we'd find that the coffee quality was declining or they would choose to sell their coffee elsewhere. So this is a really good sign that the system that we have in place is working. And Timor-Leste is really great because it's one of those places where they have a lot of the knowledge and a lot of the intent to make their coffee as good as possible.

Seb Prosser: And with roasters spending as much as possible, when we are doing so, we're actually empowering them to create the infrastructure that they need to fully realize the potential of their coffee. So a lot of the time, especially in places like Timor Leste and other parts of the world, it's that producers really have all everything they need to make coffee as good as they possibly can. All they need is a little bit of support and we're really happy to be able to do that in a really, really small way. Really, everything starts with them and their intention to make the coffee as good as possible, and all we can do is kind of pay a really fair price and just do our part. And just by doing so, we're making sure that the coffee they're producing and selling, not only to us, everyone else, we're doing our part to make sure it's turning out as good as it possibly can. So if you're a subscriber, this is the coffee you're going to be receiving. If you're not yet a subscriber, you can become one. And this will be your free first installment. You can get it ground whole beans anything you need, and then this will be out to you in the next seven days. Thanks very much and see you next week. Good? Great.

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