[Video Transcript] The Benefits of Becoming a Subscriber at Timely

[Video Transcript] The Benefits of Becoming a Subscriber at Timely

Seb: ♪♪♪. Hello and welcome to Timely Coffees. My name's Seb. I'm one of the co-founders here and this is a video we're doing about the coffee subscription services we offer here at Timely and what you can kind of expect from signing up with a subscription with us here. So if you're not yet a subscriber, you might not be aware of kind of what is actually on offer in part of our subscription services. So we have a lot of different coffees through our limited release range on our website at timely coffees. And these are all strictly seasonal. So there's no guarantee they'll be around for any amount of time and they come whenever they are kind of in-season and tasting good. And the amount that we actually are able to buy is very much based on what's available. So they might last a week or two or three, but they're definitely not guaranteed to be around for very long. So one of the things that we know can be challenging about coffee is when you want to get into tasting different coffees from different parts of the world, it can sometimes be a lot of work to find where those good coffees come from. Find a roaster that you really align with and then kind of remember to order on a frequent basis. So our goal with our limited release and or feature coffee subscription service was to kind of take away a lot of that work for customers. So by signing up, people can choose to receive limited release coffees as often as they like weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and then every time they'll receive something different.

Seb: And so this means that people can drink coffee from all different parts of the world, and the coffee's always going to be really responsibly traded. It's going to be really different in terms of flavour. It's going to be really fresh and really delicious and it's going to be as easy as possible. So it's the same price every week. There's nothing to think about and people just sign up and then they get great coffee every single time. And we try and make this so simple that people can even sign up for this coffee pre-ground if they want to, if they need it for plunger or espresso, Aeropress, filter, whatever they need. We have a bunch of different grind sizes available, so we want to make sure that we take away those barriers as well. If you're at home and all you have is a plunger and no grinder, but you want to taste really different coffees from really great producers, then this is the perfect service for you as well. All you need to do is just sign up and then every time you'll get a box of coffee that is ground specifically for the plunger with a great story on the front of the box explaining exactly where the coffee is from. And then you'll be able to follow along with the videos as well to see kind of where the coffee's from SEB: and a little bit of back story subscribers also receive pre-release coffees and special release coffees, sometimes things that aren't available to people that aren't subscribers. But then if you are the kind of person that really just loves one of our coffees in our original range, our one, two or three or decaf, you can also subscribe to that and even to our coffee pods. You know, the other side of it is that we want to make sure that if, you know, remembering to order coffee and making sure you never run out again is sometimes a bit of a hassle. Then you can sign up for one of our originals and never have to worry about it. It's meant to be convenient and simple. And, you know, anyone can sign up and cancel any time they want. It's it's designed to be transparent and really affordable. And it's just a really great way for us to show exactly what we're about. So this is a bit about our subscriptions. And if you have any questions, you can always email us and get in touch with us at contact@timelycoffees.com.au. Thanks very much and see you later. Pretty. Pretty frequently. Frequently. Nice. Thanks for being with us here. Timely. Here's Maddy Should we wait until Gary walks back through?

Gary: Delivery just came back.

Seb: Yeah. Yep. And the benefits that people sometimes find, sometimes find. It's a really great, you know, far out dude. Gnarly. Cowabunga.

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