Hey folks. Seb here from Timely with a quick update on subscriber Coffee for the week. This is Philippe Sinoyobye from Rwanda. So this Coffee is really interesting because Rwanda is one of those places where a lot of the Coffee producers there have really, really small lots and really small farms. And as a result of that, they find it sometimes pretty challenging to sell their Coffee just by themselves. A lot of the time coffee might also be a cash crop, so they may also be growing other things on the on their land as well. So, you know, it might not be as important to them to be selling Coffee just by themselves. So sometimes they'll sell it to a local mill or sell it as a part of a group. So this Coffee actually comes from just one producer, which is pretty interesting for Rwanda. It doesn't happen very often, but it's a really good chance to just taste Coffee from one producer in this part of the world and kind of see what the influence that one person has over the quality. So this is tasting really nice with kind of like some a little bit of like a cola kind of sweetness and bitterness balance, which is really nice. And this is what you're going to be receiving this week if you're a subscriber. That's all I've got. Thanks a lot.

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