Seb: Hello and welcome to Timely Coffees. My name is Seb. I'm one of the co-founders here and this video is a little bit out of the ordinary for us because this is just a bit more of a general announcement about what we do at Timely. So a few days ago, one of our staff members, Steph, sent me a message and she said that she had noticed that at a local library they were holding a drag story hour. And so if anyone who doesn't know, drag story hour is when a drag queen will come along and they'll read stories to children for an hour. And Steph had noticed that there were obviously a lot of comments on the Facebook event page, and most of them were really positive. And obviously some of them were really, really negative. And because this library is local to us, Steph sent me a message and said, you know, a lot of the people posting on this event, they're going to be customers of timing. So what do I do the next time they come in to the coffee shop? So this made me think of a few things. Firstly, I was really proud that our staff felt that they could come to us and they knew that we had the company culture where we would support them and we wouldn't just tell them Customer's always right, just do whatever the customer wants. We take these things seriously, not only the values of the business and the values and the culture that we're creating, but also the safety and the values of our staff as well.

Seb: They're all really, really central to what we do at online. So I also need to remember that as a co-founder here, that if I truly believe in these values, then I need to lead by example and I need to show my staff and my customers that I take these things seriously. So as a general announcement to anyone who has interacted with time in the past or plans to in the future. If you're prejudiced in any way against people of underrepresented communities, then you should not come to Timely. Do not come to shop with us at Timely. If you are bigoted or prejudiced against people. We will not accept any form of hatred like this in the business. And if you come to Timely and you start speaking in this way and you share these beliefs with us, we will ask you to leave. You will not be invited back to Timely, and we will have a zero-tolerance policy on these things. So I expect that this will most likely lose us some customers, and I am okay with that. I do not want your money and I definitely do not want your attention. If you are going to treat people that way, then we want nothing to do. But more than this, if you are a member of an underrepresented community, then I want you to know that you will always have a safe space at Timely. We will do and will continue to do everything we possibly can so that people know this. Seb: We give out pronoun badges for free and pride badges for free, and we celebrate these things. And if there is ever a moment when you interact with Timely and you feel like these values are not being communicated and lived up to, then please know that you can talk to us. You can send me an email at, you can talk to the staff that we have and we will always support you and will always believe you. These things are important to us and we want to make sure that other people who think these things are important as well know that we share the same values. We just want to make sure that we have a culture of fairness and acceptance and accessibility. And it's really important to us that you understand this. So please, like I said, if you hold these prejudice beliefs, do not come to Timely do not want your money, do not want your attention. If you share our values, we will embrace you every single time and we would love to have you part of our journey in our culture. So I hope after this everyone knows where we stand on these issues. And if you have any questions about this, you can always get in touch with me. Like I said, But other than that, that's all I'm doing. Thanks very much.

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