[Video Transcript] New Merch Drop!


Seb: Hello and welcome to Timely Coffees. My name is Seb. I'm one of the co-founders here and this is just a really quick video just announcing one of the new things we released here at Timely. This is our new Timely Boardgame edition mug and this one is our new timely Monogram Edition mug. So these are two limited editions that we just had printed. They're made by Acme and CO, which is a New Zealand brand, and we've got really limited quantities of both of these. They're available on the online store right now and they're just a really, really great way to drink your coffee at home. I've been using this for the last few days and everything just feels really great when I'm holding it. It's really, really tasty. It's a really nice shape and really nice thickness. The limited edition on the online store. So if you want to grab one, make sure you head over right now and pick yours up. If they're really popular, then we'll probably do another round or maybe some different designs. But this is just a really quick announcement letting you know they're available right now. So head over before they sell out. And that's all I got. Thanks very much. Hello and welcome to the Timely Coffee is my name is Seb I'm one of the co-founders here and this is just a really quick video. Bye.

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