[Video Transcript] Lenonel Calambás

[Video Transcript] Lenonel Calambás

Giorgia: Hi everyone. Giorgia here from Timely with a quick update for subscribers. You'll be receiving coffee from Leonel Calambás this
week. This coffee was grown in the Inza Municipality in the Cauca Department of Colombia, and it was grown on Lionel's farm, El Jardin. His farm is largely populated with Caturra variety coffee, but more recently,

Leonel has been experimenting, introducing new varieties to its plot. More specifically, he's introduced a variety known as Colombia Variety. And that's what this lot is predominantly made up of. It's a Caturra and Colombia variety lot. Now, Colombia variety has got coincidentally the same name as the country Colombia. But the original reason that this was released in Colombia is that it was designed to combat coffee leaf rust. And coffee leaf rust is a foliar disease that attacks coffee plants and causes the leaves to shrivel up and die, which reduces the plant's capacity to photosynthesise. And then that means that yields of coffee cherries go way down and then eventually the trees die.

So the Colombia variety was designed to combat this. And since then it's sort of spread throughout Central and South America. And it's a really popular variety today because it's very, very robust. We assigned the colour yellow to this coffee. That means we think that it's very sweet. That's its defining characteristic. So you might notice notes of macadamia, a bit of dried apricot and sort of like an iced tea mouthfeel to this coffee. It's very much like a summer coffee that you can drink and sort of cool down to. Very nice when brewed cold as well. So that's all I got for this week, folks. And I'll see you next week for next week's video. Thanks very much.

And that species of coffee is known as no, it's not a species it's a f****** variety. Coffee variety. And you f******* were so close. The species argh the variety, not the species. And Giorgia here from Timely with a quack update. Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack update. Oh f*** off. Is largely known as...get f******

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