Hi everyone. Giorgia here from Timely with a quick update. If you're a Feature Coffee Subscribers, you'll be receiving coffee from Dikitu Washing station from the Guju zone in Ethiopia. Now this coffee was produced by about 350 smallholder producers who live and work in Dikitu Village, and what they do is that they harvest their cherries and then they bring it to a local washing station known as Dikitu washing station. Now, this washing station is privately owned by husband and wife duo Gizaw Alemayehu and Frehiwat Mekonnen. And what they do is they offer not only a place for farmers to process their coffee, but they also have a big focus on sustainability and social responsibility. Some of the incentives that they offer farmers are things like education, insurance and health care support and some other things that they do that they've got training available for farmers for best practices of growing. They also have a free compost delivery service. So anything that's composted on the farm that comes from the pulping or the the processing is actually delivered free of charge back to the farmers so they can use it to fertilise their crops. They also offer ad hoc transport service to the local hospital if needed by farmers. So all these things sort of contribute to not only the livelihood of the farmers but also just the general wellbeing of the farmers and by extension the general well-being of the coffee community in that area, which is really cool.

So we assign the colour mint to this coffee, this kind of light green kind of colour. That means that we think that the defining characteristic of this coffee is that it is delicate. The main thing for me that I experienced when I drink this coffee is that it's very tea, like it's got a very sort of soft and light mouthfeel. You'll see on the tasting notes there that we've got Earl Grey as one of the tasting notes. Another tasting note we've got is grapefruit and chocolate. So for me, it's very, yeah, as I said, tea like. But then there's also these pings of acidity from the from the grapefruit. But this sort of very subtle. And then you've got this lingering sort of undertone of chocolate that sort of carries on even after you've drank the coffee, which is really nice. It's really a lovely, lovely cup of coffee to drink. Yeah. That's all I got for you this week, folks. I really hope you enjoyed this coffee from Decatur Washing Station. And. Yeah, I'll see you next week. Thanks a lot. No bloopers today because I got it in one. I'm just kidding. I got it in three.

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