Seb Prosser: Hello and welcome to Timely. My name's Seb. I'm one of the co-founders here. And this is just a quick coffee tip we've got for all you people drinking coffee at home about how to make your coffee just a little bit better with really very little effort at all. So sometimes we know it's hard to to really know where to begin making your coffee more towards what you like. Sometimes when you're making coffee at home, you feel like this is just as good as it's going to get, especially when you are maybe buying a pre ground coffee and all you've got is maybe a kettle and a plunger. It sometimes feels like when you have these slightly more low impact coffee brewing devices and set ups that you really don't have very much control. But that's really not the case. At Timely, we've got a mini coffee brew drier that you can get from the Timely Coffees dotcom to your online store. It's totally free added to your order and we'll send one out to you. It's in the merch section and what that really details is how you can change your coffee based on what you like, to get it more towards what you're going to enjoy the most. But the most important thing with changing your coffee and your brewing is just making sure that you're trying to be as consistent as you can. So that means that what you want to be doing is when you brew your coffee once, change one thing. So maybe you will bring your coffee for maybe 10 seconds longer next time. And then when you taste it, think, did I enjoy this more or less? And if you enjoyed it more, then maybe 10 seconds longer again and keep brewing it a little bit longer until you stop liking it more.

Seb Prosser: And that's really as complicated as you're dialling in has to be. All it takes is making one really small change every time and just really thinking to yourself, Did I enjoy this more or less? You don't need any special coffee terminology, any special coffee knowledge or any refined palate or anything like that. All you need is to be able to taste your coffee and ask yourself, Did I enjoy this more or less? Then you can make these small changes every single time, and then you'll get closer and closer to getting your coffee exactly how you want it. You might find that you get to a point where you do want to buy your own grinder, or maybe you want to buy different coffees, and that's totally fine. But you have so much control. Even if you're buying free ground coffee and you have something like a plunger, you have so much control that you probably don't even realise. So pick up one of our mini brew guides next time you go on the Timely Coffees online store and next time you're drinking a coffee, you just really taste it and think, Did I enjoy this as much as last time? And what am I going to do next time to try and get a little bit more out of it? That's really something really small you can do, but there's a bunch more tips we've got coming up. So I'll see you next time for your next one. Thanks very much. Hello and welcome to Timely. My name's Seb. I'm one of the ca—. At times I know it's hard to start knowing where to start knowing. Start knowing what do I start knowing? Where do I finish knowing? Smart.

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