Seb: Hello. It's Seb from Timely. And this is a quick video about a few things you might not have noticed about our new packaging. So these are our brand new recyclable coffee bags, and you'll notice that the labels on these have changed a little bit. So for our original series, so this is the timely 1 to 3 and timely decaf, you'll notice that they actually have strength indicators on them now as well. So we refer to them here by weight. So they say light and heavy and they have a different sliding scale based on how kind of heavy or light those coffees taste when you brew them at home. So the idea is that these are going to be coffees that are really good if you aren't really sure what flavours you want to be looking for when you're buying coffee for the first time, or even if you have bought coffee for many years, but you're really not sure what flavours you want to be looking for or what your preference is right now. This is a great way to start. So when you've been drinking coffee in the past, you are more than likely going to be able to say, Well, I've really enjoyed coffees that have been pretty rich or pretty heavy, or coffee that have been a little bit lighter and maybe a little bit more bright or floral or a little bit lower on the body scale.

Seb: So this is a really great way just to kind of give you a bit of an introduction as to what the coffee is going to be like. And then from there, once you taste your first coffee, which we usually recommend is timely one because it's a nice kind of medium, then you can decide from there how you'd like to go if you like it to be heavier or lighter. And then once you kind of decided these things, then you can start talking about flavour. And that's when we start moving on to the limited release coffees. When we talk about the different actual flavour profiles and notes, you're going to get out of them. But this is a really great way to start. So even if you don't know that much about coffee or you just want to get into it for the first time, this is a great way to get your your first coffees going and then you'll be able to learn more as you go. So that's all I've got. And I'll see you next week with a little bit of thank you. Here from Tom Lee with a few updates about what we've got on here at the Roastery on our bags here from Timely. Hello Cynthia from Timely with a quick update on a few things that are relevant to coffee.

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