[Video Transcript] Coffee Pricing

Seb: Hello and welcome to Timely Coffees. My name is Seb, I'm one of the co-founders here and this is a quick video that I wanted to do. You're covering something that's going to impact all of us as coffee consumers, no matter where you get your coffee from, whether it's timely or the coffee shop down the road or another coffee roastery. So this is all about coffee pricing. So the world is changing really quickly and there are a lot of challenges facing coffee producers. And not only that, but the cost of everything, as I'm sure you're aware, is going up. So this means that for coffee producers, the the materials that they buy to produce their coffee is getting more expensive. The way that they get it to the port is more expensive. Getting the coffee across the ocean to us is more expensive. And all of these things, including the exchange rates going from Australian dollar to US dollar to Colombian pesos and back again, makes it really expensive no matter where you're getting it from. So this is something that us as consumers, we all need to keep in mind and we need to think about this whenever we're going out and we're buying coffee, either from a roastery or maybe just like I said, your coffee shop down the road, if you are going to your favourite cafe where you go every morning for coffee and suddenly it's more expensive, make sure if you can, you continue to support that because these are operators that are really putting their prices up only when they really have to. Seb: This is always the last resort. As a business owner, putting your prices up is really scary and business owners wouldn't do it unless they really had to. So I know that there's this mentality sometimes that when businesses put that price up, they're just taking more profits for themselves. But the reality is that all of the supplies that we're buying as businesses are getting incredibly more expensive. Some of the coffees that we're buying now are 50% more expensive than they were last year. Our prices are only going up by maybe a dollar or two. So it's important to understand that as consumers, we still have a responsibility to the people that we're buying coffee from. So for us as a roastery, we're buying coffee from producers. The same producers that we did last year, even though the coffees are the same quality, are so much more expensive. We have a responsibility to turn up for those producers year after year and make sure that they know that we are going to be there and buying coffee of a really great quality, even though it's more expensive for us. Seb: A lot of the time, the amount of money and definitely the amount of profit they're receiving is the same, even though everything seems more expensive to us. So this is just a part of coffee as a global, global commodity. All of this downward pressure, whenever prices go up, just go straight back to the producer. So it's important to us as roasters to make sure that we continue to to turn up for those who we rely on so much to grow great coffees. So that means that us as consumers as well, we need to make sure that we're doing the same thing for roasters and cafe owners. This is just something to keep in mind over the next few months as things change. But if you have any questions or want to know more, feel free to send me an email at seb@timelycoffees.com.au. That's all I've got. Thanks very much. Everywhere you get it and no matter where you're going to get it. And how about it I just ramble. Obviously. Obviously twice, obviously. Obviously, this is mostly because of. Mostly. It's not mostly because of anything. Mostly because the world is terrible.

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