[Video Transcript] The Weekly: Eduardo Chasoy

GIORGIA: Hey, folks, welcome to The Weekly from Timely. My name is Giorgia and I'm a co-founder here. And this is a video series that we use where we talk about coffee that we've got coming out over the next seven days if you're subscribed with us. So if you're a subscriber Timely, the coffee you're going to be receiving is from Eduardo Chasoy from Narino, Colombia. So this coffee was grown in the municipality of Tablon de Gomez, and it was actually grown in the town of Aponte, which is really high up. It's about 2200 meters above sea level, and it's sort of nestled in a canyon deep in a canyon. So what this means is that the the climate is really consistent and really cool. So Eduardo himself is an expert in honey processing. So what that means is that when the coffee is picked, only part of the fruit is removed from the seed. And that means that the sort of the mucilage layer stays intact. So that's like kind of the sticky, fleshy under bit that's like underneath the skin. And that's why it's often called honey, because it's got this sort of sheen, which makes it look like honey. So then what happens next is they dry the coffee with that mucilage layer intact, which means that the fermentation actually occurs with with with the mucilage layer attached to the seed.

GIORGIA: So this can yield sort of different results when it comes to like flavor profiles and different complexities. And because the climate is so cool and so consistent, the drying actually happens quicker than would if it were a lower elevation, which means that there's sort of a certain clarity and a certain cleanness to the coffee, which you wouldn't otherwise find in sort of different processing at different altitudes or potentially different regions. So if you're a subscriber, this is a coffee you'll be receiving over the next seven days. If you're not yet subscribed, you can sign up and your first installment will be 100% free and we can grind this specific to your brew device. So yeah, anything you need where we all you have to do is sign up and we've got you sorted. So that's what I got for you folks this week. We've got another coming video coming out soon this week, but otherwise stay posted for the next weekly and I'll see you soon. Thanks very much.

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