Spotting companies that care for staff wellness

Spotting companies that care for staff wellness

At Timely, we believe in fully supporting the wellbeing and happiness of our staff. So we wanted to take a moment to shine a light on what we do to care for the people who work at Timely.

In Australia, it's mandated that full-time staff receive at least 2 weeks paid sick leave. But we know that not all people have the same needs, and will need to be supported in different ways. So, we wanted to go beyond the minimum standards and create a culture where our employees never feel obligated to compromise their health for work.

At Timely, sick leave is not confined by strict limitations. We prioritise flexibility, understanding, and trust with our staff team. This starts with ensuring that our staff know that they can take care of themselves when they need to, whether that's taking time off for mental health, illness, or menstrual leave. We never want our staff to feel as though their physical and emotional needs are not legitimate reasons to stay home.

And what about when a staff member needs more than two weeks of medical leave? We ask them for a doctor's note to ensure they are taking the necessary steps to care for themselves, but they can continue to take paid medical leave if they need it.

By offering paid menstrual leave and a more accepting culture of staff wellbeing, we hope to continue building a business that is not only successful but also compassionate.

Illustration by Storyset.

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