If you’ve ever spent a few moments perusing the coffees on offer at Timely, then you may have noticed that we like to do things a little differently. For instance, you might notice that every coffee we offer is a “single” coffee from one specific coffee mill, producing region, farm or farmer. You’ll see on each bag that these coffees are named after their origins, such as “La Marianela” which refers to the farm where this coffee was grown, or “Jarbas Lopes” which is named after the farmer who grew this coffee themselves. So, now you may have realised how we approach our coffee offering... we don't offer any blends at Laika! No “House Blend” or “Timely Blend”, but instead, we provide our customers with a carefully selected range of delicious, fresh, seasonal singles.

When we began roasting at Timely, we started with a simple focus in mind: to make coffee tasty, easy, and meaningful for our customers. We believe that coffee blends are not always necessary, and in some cases, not even useful. By having a “singles only” approach to our coffee offering, we are able to share the individual stories of the coffees we roast with our customers in a way that we never could if we were to embrace coffee blends.

In place of a traditional roasting catalogue which might include a “House Blend” and small range of available single origins, instead we have two ranges of singles: black and white. Our black coffees are small “micro-lots” which rotate seasonally, and are best enjoyed without milk, either as espresso, filter, or anything in-between. Our white range is comprised of larger lots which we can feature on our catalogue for 3 to 4 months at a time to keep things consistent for our cafe partners, and are roasted to a degree where they’ll still have presence and intensity when served with milk. With this 'single-minded' approach we are able to share the unique stories of each and every lot we roast, so we can offer a meaningful range of carefully selected coffees for our customers.

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