There's a lot we could say about this coffee we've just released. We could say how it's the first coffee we've purchased by online auction, or about how it comes from a part of the world which was the first the commercially cultivate coffee. We could say that the lot is only 40kgs, which represents the entire lot from the producer we represent. We could talk about how delicious it is, how rare it is, or countless other things, which would all be true. But we think it's better for you to read the story yourself, in the words of those who made it happen, right here.

We know it's more expensive that what you normally buy, but not only is it so delicious that it is worth every cent, but it also represents the livelihood of a producer who relies on us as consumers to pay a fair price - we ourselves have priced this coffee at cost. This is an initiative to buy the best coffee in the best way we can, and to make a difference to those in the supply chain who are the most vulnerable, and for whom we can make the biggest difference. 

There are only 136 bags of this coffee available, and they won't last long. Head over to the online store, or click here to reserve your bag now. We're excited to share with you our next step in realising our vision: to share the best coffees we can find with as many people as possible. We hope you'll pick up a bag, and help us to make the most of this amazing coffee.

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