There's a lot more that goes into how good a coffee can taste, and quite often it's not just about what ends up in the cup! There are so many factors that can influence how we experience coffee, including our own state of mind, and they all play a part in how delicious that coffee is to us in the moment.

So often, people feel judged for buying or drinking pre-ground coffee (this is coffee that you buy ground before you take it home, as opposed to buying coffee beans and grinding them yourself). Whether it's buying coffee for home only to be told "you really should be grinding that fresh", or getting a judgemental look from a coffee professional, people can often feel left out if they don't grind their own coffee. So, why all the fuss about fresh ground coffee?

Well, from one perspective, fresh ground coffee is "better". And by this, we mean that if you were drinking two cups of coffee side-by-side, and one had been ground 3 days before the other, it's likely that the coffee that had been ground fresher would be more delicious. From this, many coffee people think that, therefore, if you're not grinding it fresh, then you're not getting the most out of your coffee. Well, we think that's nonsense. And here's why.

Great coffee is about having a meaningful interaction with what you're drinking. You should feel proud, happy, content, and satisfied by what you're brewing, and sometimes, for some people, grinding coffee fresh doesn't add to the overall experience. Some people can't afford a grinder. Some people don't know what grinder to buy and are afraid of making the wrong choice. And some people just can't be bothered. These are all good reasons to buy pre-ground coffee, and you shouldn't feel judged if you do so. It's more important that you buy coffee that you can connect with. Coffee that means something to you, and speaks to your values, and tastes delicious to you personally, never mind what anyone else thinks. As long as it's traded fairly, roasted thoughtfully, represented respectfully, and it makes you feel good, then you should drink it. If grinding your own coffee adds to your experience, then you should keep doing that too! But if it doesn't, then consider buying it pre-ground and save yourself some hassle. You might be surprised how much more you enjoy your coffee.

This is why we now offer a full range of grind sizes for all our coffees. When you select your coffee, you can choose how you're going to be brewing it, and we'll grind it to suit your brew method to give you the best experience we possibly can.

What’s the best way to store pre-ground coffee?

The best way to store pre-ground coffee is the same as the way you should store your coffee beans. Store them in a cool, dry place like your kitchen cupboard or pantry.  Don’t forget that Timely offer free coffee bag clips to keep your coffee sealed. Just head to the merch page and pick one up!

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And if anyone judges you for drinking pre-ground coffee, send them to Timely and we'll give them a firm talking-to for you.

Love Timely xx

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