Roasting is often solitary work. I find it's the perfect time for me to listen to podcasts. Here are some of the podcasts I listen to on a regular day of production roasting.
Making Coffee with Lucia Solis
Lucia is a winemaker and fermentation expert working with both coffee roasters and producers. I have learnt a lot from this podcast, and relearned much more. Not only is it a great technical resource; but it's changed my thoughts about the relationship between roasters and producers. If you're anything like me, side effects will also include developing and interest in tea and wine.
Working Class History
This is a new podcast to my rotation but becoming one of my favorites. While there is no shortage of history podcasts, many of them fail to look at the efforts of individuals or marginalised groups in shaping the world. There are some amazing stories here. The team behind it are also working on other projects looking at literature and crime as drivers of social change, advocacy and protest.
Full Story - The Guardian
This is my one-stop-shop for everything I may have missed in the news and need to feel a little more informed about. Sometimes I can't keep up with the news cycle, and I'll become overwhelmed by the number of articles I'd need to read to catch up. I don't watch TV, so this is my alternative.
The Anthropocene Reviewed
The premise of this one is simple: Review and rate out of 5 stars the different things from the Anthropocene. How would you rate the micro-organism Staphylococcus Aureus? or what about game Tetris? John's episodes are surprisingly deep and moving, and I'm always caught off guard by how profound some of them can be. I start every episode having no idea if I'm going to laugh or cry, or spend the next few hours in contemplation behind the roaster.
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