At Timely, we try and incorporate sustainability in everything that we do, and this includes investing in up-cycled or pre-loved furniture and materials into our daily operations. 

Coffee Shop

Our outdoor coffee tables are crafted from reclaimed pallet wood, a simple yet effective way to give new life to discarded materials. Built by Pallets in the Park, these tables not only serve their purpose but also contribute to the reduction of waste. To ensure they live a long second-life, we sand and reapply weather coating once a year so we can keep them as long as possible.

In our indoor space, we constructed high tables with tops made from reclaimed MDF benchtops (in the past, we had a coffee shop table was a giant wooden hay spool sourced second-hand, paired with second-hand chairs!).

Our cupping table is everyone's favourite; it is crafted from reclaimed floorboards obtained during the renovations of the WA Museum Boola Bardip in 2018. It's custom made, and a piece that we use every single day in many different ways.

Packaging & Equipment

Every single cardboard box that leaves the warehouse for dispatch is either reused, or a factory second. When we receive deliveries from our suppliers, we carefully break down the boxes that they came in and reuse them for our next dispatch day.

Regarding our coffee packaging, we're committed to finding a solution using post-consumer recycled plastic. While our bags were once recyclable through REDCycle, the infrastructure collapse in 2022 meant that they no longer were. We're currently exploring more sustainable options for our bags, including looking at post-consumer recycled plastic, and even paper.

Most of our equipment at Timely is second hand, including our coffee machine, coffee grinders, milk fridge, and dishwasher. Even our roaster started as a display model, and we've purchased some amazing second-hand roasters in the past with interesting histories.  

And when it comes to personal devices such as work phones and laptops, we always strive to purchase refurbished models (most of the phones we use on a day-to-day basis were purchased from Oz Mobiles, a business that focuses on refurbishing pre-loved devices).


We're always working towards sustainability at Timely, but we know that our system isn't perfect. We're open to your ideas and questions about upcycling, so if you have thoughts, feel free to share them by sending us an email at

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