[Video Transcript] Our New Retail Bags

Seb: Hello. Seb, here from Timely. And this is a quick update of what we've got going on with the roastery. This is our brand new, recyclable 250 gram coffee bag that will be using from now on. So up to this point, you would have received all your coffee in the coral boxes that we've been sending out for the better part of four years. But from now on, this is how you're going to be receiving your coffee. And there are a few reasons why we decided to revise our packaging. So up to this point, we've been using the the boxes that we've always had. And inside it was a compostable bag as well. So the idea was to create packaging that was fully compostable. So once you finished with it, you can put all the compost heap. It will break down and you can kind of return that to the earth at some point. But the more that we're talking to local councils, we're realising that that sometimes isn't always the case. So sometimes when the the compostable packaging ends up at the facility, it'll actually be removed because those people that are making sure there are no impurities in the heap, they sometimes don't have time to check if the bag itself is compostable or not. So they have to play it safe and take everything out. Seb: Everything that doesn't automatically look compostable sometimes is removed completely, which means that those things just end up in landfill. So unless we actually composting these things ourselves, there's no way to be sure that it's actually going to its intended purpose. So this is why we've kind of thought about a few of the different things that we can do at timely. And one thing that we realised is that we can try and have a different approach to our packaging. So this, like I said, is a recyclable bag. This can go into your yellow top bins or it can go into any red cycle at any of the major supermarkets. But more than that, it's actually as little packaging as we could possibly do. So we've custom designed these bags to have less plastic than the standard 250 grams. We've actually designed them so they don't need a valve as well. So this means that the amount of plastic involved in producing these is far less than anything else. The ink that we use is just one colour. Everything white here is just the plain plastic colour. So there's no white ink. It's only been through the printer once. So everything about it is just trying to use exactly what we need and no more. Seb: And that's really the way forward we feel in terms of trying to reduce our waste and reduce our footprint. We're working on some other things in terms of how we can maybe do some refillable containers. The roastery and the coffee shop. But for the time being, not only is this the least amount of packaging that we need in terms of plastic, but it also makes it really easy to ship, which means that we can ship more boxes or sorry, more more satchels with bags in them. And that means that we can try and make things as efficient as possible and we can kind of reduce our footprint all the way along the supply chain. So these are the new bags you've been getting. They're looking really great. We think you're really going to love them. But if you've got any questions, you can always send me an email at seb@timelycoffees.com.au. Otherwise, I'll see you next week for another video. Thank you. I have noticed before. I definitely can't say that. Interesting bags. Well, sometimes if we're actually unless we're composting composting the composting for for a few different reason that we changed was for a few different reasons. Well, we changed. You've changed, man bag. This is outrageous. Wonderful. I'm sure you've kind of. Motherf—.

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