Timely’s proud sponsors of RTRFM—Perth’s premier not-for-profit, community radio station. It’s here to provide a forward-thinking, diverse and inclusive voice for the city through innovative music and talks programming. We think that’s worth supporting, and now that it’s Radiothon week, you can support too, if you like. 

What is Radiothon week and why is it important for independent radio

RTRFM is funded by local people who believe it’s important to hear different music, local stories, and diverse voices on their airwaves. And Radiothon is a week-long event to promote their cause and encourage people to subscribe or donate.

The financial support that comes from Radiothon Week makes up 30% of the not-for-profit’s annual income. According to RTRFM, the Radiothon support makes sure they can continue to make independent radio for another year, which of course is an essential part of a vibrant local culture and diverse media landscape.

If you would like to support, you can: 

If you do offer support, you might win a prize, too.

To find out more, go to RTRFM’s website HERE .

With love,

The Timely Team

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