Introducing: Our New Shared Roasting Facility

Introducing: Our New Shared Roasting Facility

You only have to go back 15 years and the average coffee was quite mysterious. It was hard to know who the farmers and cooperatives were. Or perhaps even the country of origin. Fortunately today, coffee has become a lot more transparent and accessible.

But we’re always like, How can we make delicious coffee even more transparent and accessible?

Well, here’s how.

After a lot of big days (and nights), we’re excited to announce Timely’s new shared roasting facility. It’s a custom roasting facility and service where people like you can be involved in the entire coffee-making process, connect with like-minded folk, collaborate, perfect the craft, and share your love for coffee.

If you’re a cafe owner who wants to roast your own branded blend or just a coffee lover who wants to roast a batch for home, below details everything you need to know.

What is it, and what is it called?

The new space is called Roasting Studio by Timely Coffees. Everything from roastery for hire (where you roast it yourself) to bespoke custom roasting and blending (where we do the roasting for you with your guidance), the vision for Roasting Studio is simple: You tell us your idea, and we’ll help make it happen.

Why a shared roasting space?

To make the industry more accessible through sharing resources, knowledge and a love for coffee. Coffee roasting facilities are expensive and time-consuming. You need to buy all the equipment, rent a place, and maintain everything. Our hope is to make Roasting Studio accessible and low risk. It has all the necessary equipment, education, and support to help you create your own signature roast while saving money, time and headaches. 

What about the roaster itself?

We bought our delightful roaster from our friends at Twin Peaks. With this roaster, they have grown a lot and garnered a great reputation, which means now you can too. It’s well-sized, meaning you can roast a lot of coffee for a busy cafe or just a special 5kg batch for you and your friends and family (and maybe the odd special customer.) 

How does the space work?

We operate on a timeshare basis. Members are allocated time shifts, ranging from hourly slots to half days. Prices reflect the amount of coffee you want. The space is generally reserved for one roaster at a time. But there will also be opportunities for networking, workshops, and testing new coffee together. 

Do you offer support and training??

Yes, of course! If you already know how to roast, you can simply go ahead. But if you’re new to roasting, we are here to help, guide, and support you, so you can achieve your coffee roasting dreams.

Can you roast a customised blend for my cafe?

Gladly. If you don’t want to roast yourself, one of our expert roasters can work with you to create a customised blend or single origins, 100% tailored to your and your customer’s preferences.  

Do you supply the green beans (the raw seeds prior to roasting)?

Uh-huh. You have access to everything you need. Incredible green beans. cupping tables. Storage. Bags. Toilet. And a pink floor. (We painted our floor pink).  

And cost?

Okay cool, so you’re keen. Well just get in touch and we can break down the costs depending on what you’re after. 

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