At Timely, we know there are two big problems with buying coffee to use at home. Firstly, it can be hard to know which coffee to buy. We try to make this as easy as possible by listing tasting notes, coffee information, and even colour coding our coffees to make the decision as easy for you as it can be. But, even with all this, there's still another problem: how do you know you're never going to run out? We know there's nothing worse than waking up and realising you've just run out of coffee. Thankfully, we've come up with the perfect solution to both of these problems. 

We know we're not the first coffee roastery to offer a subscription service. But, we've done our best to rethink everything about the subscription model, and create the best experience possible:

  1. Choose your coffee: you can select to have a different coffee with each delivery with our "Rotating Micro-Lot" option, or select your favourite Timely house coffee (or decaf!) to receive with each instalment. With Rotating Micro-Lots, you get the roaster's favourite coffee of the week, and it's always something new and exciting. Our house coffee options are for those who love the profile of our core range of coffees we roast and offer on an ongoing basis.
  2. Choose your quantity and frequency: buying for a full house of coffee drinkers, or just for yourself on the weekends? You can choose to receive your coffee in 250g boxes or 1kg bags, every week, every month, or anything in between.
  3. Choose your grind: no grinder, no problems. We can grind to suit your brew method, or select whole beans and grind it fresh yourself.
  4. Free Express Shipping: as with all things Timely, your subscription delivery will be 100% free and express. Every delivery is sent to you via AusPost Express with tracking details provided, so you know exactly when you're coffee will be arriving.
  5. Pause, cancel, or upgrade anytime: just send us an email to adjust your subscription. There's no lock-in, no up-front payment, no obligation. Put your deliveries on pause for a few weeks, change from house coffees to Rotating Micro-Lots, or cancel completely. Anything you need, just ask and we'll adjust your subscription accordingly.

The Timely subscription is designed to be the most simple and affordable way to get the coffee you love. It doesn't get much easier to never run out of coffee again.

Until next time.

Timely Coffees

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