Brewing Success: The Story of Coffeefusion

Brewing Success: The Story of Coffeefusion

Meet Gary Sawyer, the driving force behind Coffeefusion, an online coffee retailer that's all about helping you make great coffee at home.

Over a decade ago, Gary's passion for coffee led him to YouTube, where he shared his love and knowledge. His mission: help coffee enthusiasts brew better coffee. What began as online content soon evolved. The Coffeefusion community grew, and Gary's dedication led to a transformation. Coffeefusion became a local coffee roaster, providing freshly roasted beans while maintaining a commitment to quality.

Behind the scenes, Gary works alongside us at Timely HQ, using our entire range of roasting facilities to roast, fulfil, and dispatch all things Coffeefusion. At Timely HQ, Gary isn't just a partner; he's a coffee enthusiast who roasts, packs, and creates exceptional coffee content, all from this shared space. This partnership exemplifies like-minded brands joining forces, learning from each other, and thriving together.

Gary sums up his journey with Coffeefusion: "Coffeefusion started on YouTube more than ten years ago and has grown into a strong online coffee community. In the beginning, it was all about sharing online content with videos to help coffee enthusiasts brew better coffee. Over the years, our operation has evolved, becoming a well-known local fresh coffee roaster, expanding Coffeefusion’s educational coffee content, and developing one of Australia's best coffee subscriptions."

If you're eager to explore the world of Coffeefusion, head over to Coffeefusion's YouTube channel for a wealth of coffee knowledge and inspiration.

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