Brand New Coffees

Brand New Coffees

We know it's been a while since we've released some new coffees at Timely. We've been searching high and low for the very best coffees we can find, and believe us when we say, we've definitely found them! This week we've released 8 new coffees, each one unique, but all equally interesting and delicious...

From Colombia, we have an amazing coffee from a pair of farmers named Carolina and Nicolas. These two are siblings, and after inheriting their land from their parents, they now grow Tabi variety trees and have really dialled in their processing techniques. This coffee is a great example of "natural" coffee done well, just as much as our other Colombian coffee from Angela and Carlos is an amazing washed coffee. Here, Angela runs the farm with their husband Carlos, where they grow Maragogype trees, which are famous for their vibrant acidity and large bean size. Then, in the same region of Colombia, Albeiro Munoz has provided us with another rare variety named Catuai. This is a variety you'll commonly see grown in Brazil, but thanks to a chance encounter with a Brazilian coffee farmer some years ago, Albeiro was able to experiment with this variety in Colombia, and the results have been amazing. Catuai is also one parent of another widely grown variety named Catucai, which is what Dulciniea Borges grows on their farm Sitio Pinheirinho in Brazil. Dulciniea was born blind, but, with the help of their partner Jorge, manages the estate which has been in the family since 1971. Then, just down the road from Sitio Pinheirinho is Sitio Monte Alto, where Daisy Maria has produced their very first micro-lot. This "natural" Yellow Bourbon lot is full of character and flavour, and is an amazing first micro-lot from an up an coming producer. We can't wait to see this coffee in the roastery for years to come, just as we have seen those from Alessandro Hervaz. Alessandro is famous throughout the area for experimental processing, and this coffee is a perfect example of this dedication to quality. Alessandro knows there's always more to learn, just like Anibal Baca in Honduras, who has given us a crisp washed Pacas lot. Anibal worked, among other things, as a labourer on coffee farms for many years before starting their own estate "Finca La Fortaleza". While Pacas was first discovered in El Salvador, it is widely grown throughout Honduras, and Wilmer Martinez is also another amazing example of this variety grown well. Here, Pacas is grown along with IHCAFE 90, which gives their estate enough genetic diversity to be disease resistant and resilient.

As you can probably tell, all these coffees are fine examples of special coffees. We're excited, not only because the lots we're seeing are among the tastiest ever, but their also a rare opportunity to taste the full diversity of flavour in truly great coffee.

We can't wait to share them with you!

Love Timely xx

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