Better Coffee at Home

Better Coffee at Home

Sometimes making coffee at home can be a real challenge. Between finding the exact grind size, and knowing exactly how and why to use filtered water, there is a lot to get wrong when it comes to a simple cup of coffee. On top of this, expensive equipment, and an overwhelming amount of information online can make it intimidating to get started. But here at Timely, we're planning to change all that. Coffee can be easy, and we're going to show you how.

There are a few simple hints to keep in mind whenever you brew coffee, no matter what or how you're brewing. Instead of posting specific brew guides or videos, we thought we'd first start with some universal steps which can elevate your coffee from what you're doing now, and which will apply to any and all brew methods. These may not make you the next World Barista Champion (yes, we can't really believe it's a thing either), but they will take your coffee to the next level, and hopefully, make everything just a little easier.

1. Keep it clean: This one sounds obvious, but there are some things we forget when we think of our coffee gear. It's a good idea to give everything a quick rinse with water before and after brewing - even your capsule machines need a flush before and after each shot (this is easily done by pressing either the short extraction button with no capsule inside). Don't forget to give your kettle a regular clean as well, and this will make your coffee taste instantly better.

2. Weigh everything: We're assuming that everyone has a set of digital scales at home, and if you don't, then go and treat yourself to some!* They don't have to be fancy or expensive, and they don't have to be specific coffee scales. When you're making coffee, try and make a habit of weighing all your ingredients, so you can keep your coffee consistently delicious every time. This goes for espresso, plunger, percolator, and even instant! You might find that scales which read to 1g won't recognise when you add instant powder to your mug, but try weighing your water each time and you'll be amazed at how much more consistent your daily coffee is.

3. Store it in the freezer: Yes, it turns out our grandmothers were right: freezing is the best way to store coffee. All coffee can be stored in the freezer as long as it's in an airtight container, but this especially goes for pre-ground coffees. This will help your coffee stay fresher and more delicious for longer. When you need it, remove your coffee from the freezer, take out what you need, then return anything else as quickly as possible. The fewer times you can take your coffee from frozen to room temperature, the better it will keep.

These 3 easy steps will get you on your way to making coffee better than ever. They're not expensive or difficult, they just take a little extra effort, but we promise you that, once you give them a go, you'll never turn back.

Seb Prosser


*this will not only improve your coffee, but all your cooking. Baking in particular is an exact science, and once you start using scales, your days of un-risen spongecakes will be over!

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