Are Our New Coffee Bags Compostable?

Are Our New Coffee Bags Compostable?

Yes, thank you for asking. Recently a lovely person got in touch with us wanting to know more about our new coffee bags and, just in case you would like to know too, we decided to unpack our packaging right here for your convenience.

Why we pack our coffee the way we do

We believe fresh, convenient coffee is essential, but not at the cost of the planet. Traditional coffee bags are impossible to compost, and notoriously difficult to recycle, so they overwhelmingly end up in landfill.

To mitigate this problem, we searched high and low to find the most sustainable option out there and were glad to stumble across what is now our 100% compostable box and inner liner (the little bag inside our boxes). 

Looks like plastic but isn’t, exactly

If you’ve opened our Timely box, you’ll know about this little clear bag we’ve been talking about. It looks and feels like plastic but it isn’t, exactly. Rather, it’s a bio liner made from the new-to-market material d2w. It’s recyclable like other liners, but here’s the cool part. 

Suppose the packaging escapes collection, ending up as litter on the land or in the sea. In that case, the d2w will get to work, breaking down the molecular bonds until the material is no longer plastic and can be easily consumed by bacteria and fungi in the environment, harmlessly converting to CO2, water and biomass without leaving any toxic residues or stubborn microplastics behind. 

Phew, still with us? 

In other words, when correctly disposed of, the bags will begin to break down within 3 months, instead of 15-20 years. Better yet, you can compost them at home. Speaking of…

How to correctly dispose of your Timely packaging

Once the bag is empty, you can peel off the one-way valve on the bag and dispose the rest in a number of ways: You can throw it in: 

  • A home or council provided compost bin
  • A council provided recycling bin
  • If you don't have access to those, you can return the box and bag to us at Timely in Bayswater and we'll take care of the rest
So you see, that’s why our packaging might look different. After all, we at Timely are different and we wanted our boxes to reflect that. Also we think they look very nice. So there’s that too.
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