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Several coffee-growing families produce this lot in Yacuanquer, a municipality in the department of Nariño, situated in Colombia's southwest region on the border of Ecuador. The production spans across three veredas (districts) in Yacuanquer; Arguello, Tasnaque, and Zaragoza. There are around forty thousand coffee producers in the Nariño department, most of which are smallholder producers with an average farm size of two hectares.

Producers: Yacuanquer

Variety: Castillo, Caturra

Municipality: Yacuanquer

Department: Nariño

Country: Colombia

Fermentation: De-pulped, then fermented for 14-16 hours.    

Drying: Dried on raised beds for 13-28 days.

This micro-lot was grown by producing families in Okapa and Bomai, both regions of Papua New Guinea. The coffee in these regions is forest-grown, meaning there is no use for herbicide and fertilizers. Producing families harvest the coffee annually, handpicking the coffee cherries. They then contribute the coffee cherries to a central location where the coffee is processed and prepared for export. 

Producers: Producing families in Okapa and Bomai

Variety: Typica

Region: Okapa

Country: Papua New Guniea

Fermentation: De-pulped, then fermented.

Drying: No information available.

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