Project Lightspeed

The idea for Project Lightspeed started with a simple question: is there a way to use coffees which, for whatever reason, wouldn't make it to our catalog of micro-lots?

As a roastery with a laser-like focus on transparency, we have many coffee samples come through the doors at Timely, but not all of them are a good fit for our usual range of products. Maybe it's a little before or past that coffee's peak season, or maybe it's a coffee we love, but we just don't have room on the catalog for at that time. This is where Lightspeed comes in. Lightspeed is an infinitely rotating blend of coffee which otherwise wouldn't find a home at Timely. We include these coffees indiscriminately, and the result is a constantly surprising house blend.

Every coffee that ends up in Project Lightspeed is listed here for everyone to see, forever. Coffees at the top will be the most likely to be in the current blend, as these were added most recently. As we use our earliest additions first, the coffees at the bottom of the list are most likely no longer in the blend, but the names of their producers remain here on the website for eternity.

Any of our products you see with the Project Lightspeed logo are made using this blend.

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