Santuario Project
Santuario Project
Santuario Project

Santuario Project

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Tasting Notes: Grapefruit / Caramel / Cacao Nib

This lot was processed at the Ixhuatlán Processing Centre in Veracruz, Mexico, by the Santuario Project. The Santuario Project works with small producers from the Veracruz region, isolating exceptional lots and processing them. Selective cherry picking, temperature control and humidity stabilisation are just some of the ways the facility maintains their quality focused vision.

Producer: Santuario Project

Co-Op: Ixhuatlán Del Café

Variety: Red Bourbon, Garnica

Municipality: Ixhuatlán

Country: Mexico

Fermentation: Fermented in tanks for 24 hours, then in a plastic tarp roll for 72 hours.

Drying: Dried on temperature controlled beds for 22 days.