NAIDOC week is an opportunity to reflect and make plans. Through the lens of each year's theme, we take a fresh view of our actions and impact, and imagine a legacy we want to leave, and not one we leave by accident.
Are Our New Coffee Bags Compostable?

Recently a lovely person got in touch with us wanting to know more about our new coffee bags and, just in case you would like to know too, we decided to unpack our packaging right here for your convenience.


Today is IDAHOBIT 2021, so we're giving away free Timely pronoun badges with every order. Keep on reading to find out what IDAHOBIT means, and how you can get involved.
We're For You
At Timely Coffees, we have a clearly defined vision for what we are, who we want to be, and who we aim to serve. Not only this, but we also have a clear roadmap on how we feel we are going to reach this goal. And it all starts with a simple idea: Timely Coffees is not for everyone.
IWD 2021
Today is International Women's Day, a day of recognition that celebrates women's achievements. But IWD is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the ongoing issues of gender-based bias and discrimination that women continue to face and how we can take action to overcome them for equality.
NAIDOC Week 2020
If you've ever looked over a box of Timely coffee, you'd have noticed that we have one side of our packaging dedicated to our values.